Established in 2012, Peace Freedom (PF) is an online media and publisher devoted to music and graphic archival research. PF organizes textual and visual content in printed and garment form to communicate with audiences. PF designs the visual identity and produces printed matter in small editions bound by the studio. Put a smile on your face. Made with Peace, shared for Freedom.

Munir Harry Septiandry – Graphic Designer | Bandung, Indonesia | 1991

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Twitter – @midrunsmusic Instagram – @munireng

Featured Clients: 1Asia Records China | Soori Dog Grooming Bali | Potato Head Bali | Darker Than Wax Singapore | Spacedust Records UK |

Shipping & Delivery : Packages ship within 2–4 days from the date we receive the order. Items are shipped directly from Bandung, Indonesia using the FedEx Service.