Munir - The Soundtrack of Sentiments

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Sentiments told a story about normal random.
Sentiments 讲述了一个普通又跌宕的故事。


releases September 9, 2023

All Tracks Produced by Harry 'Munir' Septiandry.
Recorded at Peace Freedom Studio, Bandung.
'Bold' Recorded at NN Studio, Shanghai (18.07.2023).
'My Dreams' Recorded at Peanut Sound, Seoul (08.07.2023).
'Evelyn' Recorded at CW@Fhain, Berlin (10.11.2022).
Designed by Peace Freedom Studio.
Cover Photo by Isyanti Rahamaya.
All Tracks Mixed by Harry 'Munir' Septiandry.
All Tracks Mastered by Eric Lau.
‘Lazy' Stem Mastered by Eric Lau.
Special Thanks to Meng Que.
Executive Produced by Endy Chen
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